Purchased Orders Questions:

Where is my order?

A shipping confirmation email was sent to you earlier with a tracking number and a tracking link page. Use that number to know where exactly is your shipment.

Why didn't my order arrive yet?

We appreciate your patience, but please give it more time. You can track its location with the tracking number. We would like to remind you that it takes 7-60 days for items to arrive depending on the item ordered and your location.

We're doing our very best to shorten the shipping period.

Not All Items Arrived?

Due to logistics reasons, we ship different products separately even if they belong to the same order. This results in separate item deliveries. Therefore, we assure you that all of your purchased items will arrive within the shipping period, even if not altogether.

I'm still having troubles with my order, how can I contact you?

You can easily contact us through our chat box (drop us a message even if we're offline) or email us directly (2nd preferred method) at

General Questions:

Who Are We?

We're an online Home Decor store that is willing to help you in spicing up your beloved home one step at a time.

Shipping Policy?

Even though our coverage may not include all of the countries that you may pin on a map, yet we're always expanding to reach new areas. Our Shipping takes 7-60 days depending on your location. Please keep in mind that any extra fees or custom tarrifs that are related to your own country shall be paid by your side.

What is our Returns & Refund Policy?

Our returns policy lasts 30 days. You can know more about our Returns & Refunds policy by clicking here.

Product Guarantee?

 We do provide guarantees on some products. Products that are backed up by guarantees will be clearly stated on the product page along with the guarantee duration.

Please keep in mind that guarantees don't cover product misuse. Strong evidence need to be provided to demonstrate strong product manufacturing issues.