5 Live Edge Wall Art Pieces That Are Out Of This World

Do you want to add some warmth to your living space, but don’t have a clue where to start? 

Adding a live edge wall art might be a good idea.

It’s becoming really trendy to add natural elements to home décor and furniture during the past few years. And it’s moved way beyond planting or moss wall art.

Adding rocks and wooden elements to the living space is now on the rise too.

Before jumping to the pieces that we’ve gathered for you, we need to know more about them.

What Is a Live Edge Wall Art?

Well, they’re basically wooden slabs that are hung on walls for decorative purposes (in a nutshell). But, we’re only scratching the surface here.

In this article, we’ll do our very best to cover some of the common and uncommon live edge wall art ideas out on the market.

What Style Is It Suitable For?

Even though there is a misconception that this kind of wall art is exclusive to rustic feels and log cabins, This wall art proved to fit with modern style designs and has clearly demonstrated that they add a touch of elegance to all home styles and fit in perfectly.

You can add it to concrete grey walls, neutral painted ones, or even color-themed walls (you still need to match the colors with the wood though).

The point is the wooden material blends in perfectly with all the materials.

Rustic, Art-Deco, Contemporary, Boho, you name it. Adding this piece to your living space is an elegant upgrade that will definitely add value.

Which Rooms Can I Use Them In?

live edge wall art abstract

We can pretty much say that they are neutral. We’ve seen them in living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms in some cases. Wherever you get the urge to hang one, go ahead and do.

We’ve found that they work really well with office spaces too. Whether you’re planning on adding it to the waiting area, meeting room, or as a backdrop for your office desk. We guarantee that it’s going to leave an unforgettable impression.

Do we need to tell you to try mixing them with brown leather office furniture couches?

You just need to make sure it fits in terms of dimensions.

What Is It Made Of?

Honestly, we’ve seen different types of woods; Teak, Walnut, Cedar, Redwood, Elm, Oak, and many others. Usually, each type has a different pattern and grain look that might be more appealing than others.

If it’s custom-made, the client usually picks the wood type.

How It Is Made?

Each and every workshop has its own “secret sauce”. However, some did share tiny pieces (common production steps) from the recipe.

This includes for example debarking, cleaning, sanding, and applying coats of oil-based polyurethane to bring out the grain and color of the piece.

Some manufacturers do leave the bark for an extra natural look (which we personally like). Others may use a honey-based finishing solution (a more organic and eco-friendly approach).

 It really goes down to a mix between the manufacturer’s and the client’s preferences.

How Much Will It Cost Me?

It significantly depends on a lot of variables; size, type, shape, is it only wood or mixed with other materials? We’ve seen pieces starting from $300 up to $5000.

The good news with having a vast pricing range is that it provides you with flexibility and a wide range of options to choose from.


Unlike live décor elements (live moss walls for example or live plants in general) this natural wood piece doesn’t need any maintenance.

That’s the beauty of having one hanging on the wall; it’s a piece of mother earth’s essence without the hassle of looking after it.

Show Me the Live Edge Wall Art Pieces!

So we’ve gathered for you some of the coolest live edge wall art pieces that we’ve found on the market. Let’s check them out.

1- Abstract Round Modern Plaques

live edge wall art brick wall

Those small (almost) round wooden pieces are perfect for tight areas. We’ve seen them fitting perfectly above accent tables.

Hint: Some may use them as tabletop accessories too.


2- Customizable Wooden Wall Art Poems

live edge wall art the road not taken

Made of quality basswood and left with the bark on, this piece will add the natural look that you’re searching for in your living space. 

A touch of customization too could be done to add a specific message (name, date, etc..) to the back to make it even more special.

Are you a Robert Frost Fan?

You can find the previously mentioned products in the links below. Kindly note that those are affiliate links and we may gain a certain percentage of the sales made through them.


3-  Oversized Plain Pieces.

live edge wall art oversized plain

The picture says it all. You may place it in the living room, bedroom (over the bed maybe?), or simply anywhere spacious.

This wall art is a real eye-catcher; one that grabs the attention of anyone who steps a foot inside the room.


4- Oversized Resin Pieces

live edge wall art resin

You’ve probably seen this theme before in wooden tables. Mixing resin with wood has been trending lately and the wooden wall art got its share too. The blue resin with natural brown wood is one of the most popular color mixes.

You can find the last two wall art options (along with other options) at this Etsy shop.


5- Oversized Backlit Pieces

live edge wall art backlit

Now that’s one of our favorites. We’ve always been big fans of indirect lighting; it adds this warm ambiance to the room. Now add it to the back of a wooden slab, and you get this masterpiece. 

You can find it at Porter Barn Wood.


To Wrap Things Up.

Adding wooden wall art to your place is definitely a big yes. As you’ve seen, it nearly fits all styles and it levels up your home décor game.

Which piece did you like the most and why?

Hopefully, we’ve added some value to your research. Feel free to drop your thoughts and comments in our chatbox. We always love to hear back from our beloved audience.